Constant Juggle

Everyone I know feels like they’re living a cliche.

Chasing their own tails.

Meeting themselves coming and going.

Trying to keep their heads above water.

Taking two steps forward and one back.

Always striving, never achieving.

It sucks!!!!

Am I the only person who doesn’t think our parents…or at least our grandparents…didn’t feel like this? I’m turning 40 very soon (I say for the sake of age reference, but feel free to wish me a happy birthday while you’re at it) and I can guarantee that my grandparents were never lazy; never not working hard. But they were also not in a constant state of frazzle. So why us???

I feel like we are doing everything wrong as a generation and yet we are also leading the charge.

Well, your grandparents didn’t have social media. They didn’t have two parents earners, the dad worked and the mother kept house. They valued their down time. They didn’t have their kids enrolled in everything from soccer to tutoring or piano lessons to gymnast every day of their youth. …etc.

To that I can only say: True.

Yet, I am not going to give up my primary job or my passion projects.

I’m not going to put my phone down (it has my entire life on it and does the job that 10 people would have done in my grandparents generation).

I am not going to disconnect from my friends and loved ones.

I am likely not going to cook a perfect three-course meal for my family every night.

I may not make every school assembly or participate in every PTO event.

I may not take Sundays off from work occasionally because I took Saturdays off to go on a date or spend the day ALONE in an art museum…or three.

I may not always have poise or patience or grace or smiles.

I may not be my grandmother. I may not always be good at juggling. I may drop a ball or two in this life…daily. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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