More Isn’t Always Better 

We live in a time when more is more and we are getting stuffed to the brim with MORE. I’m in overload, how about you? Forget the 1980’s being touted as “the age of excess,” this is the age of excess right now. Here. Today. 

I’m not all about the pendulum swing in the total opposite direction, either. I don’t want to be gagging on extra extra everything, but I am also not a minimalist, per se. I am a fence walker. 

I want to be socially connected without ignoring the breathing lives in front of me. I want to consume enough information about the world in which we live to be able to add value to conversion. I want to allow my children to grow in their age as I was allowed to in mine without allowing them to live strictly through their devices. 

Here’s the rub. We all say stuff like this, but too often we do nothing to change this habit we have formed. Like complaining about being overweight while eating a banana split. 

More is just more. But sometimes we need to realize that our proverbial pants don’t fit anymore, our relationships are suffering, and hours consuming have merely spent your hours and given nothing real in return. 

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