When the Silence Deafens

Separation is hard, whether it be you’re going off to college, moving away from friends and family, leaving a marriage. Even if what you’re doing is exactly what you want most, the people and place connections still keep that rubber band wrapped around you that tempts to snap and pull you back. The flip side is true, too. Leaving a bad situation, a caustic marriage, or an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, it is actually tempting to gloss over the heaps of negative elements and see only the smiling pictures and good memories when you feel alone and lonely.

When everything you’re leaving is still happy and healthy, the people love you and are wonderful friends and family and the place is home and comfortable, separating from those people and that place can be extra tricky. What you leave behind becomes idealized to the maximum degree in the quiet moments when silence becomes deafening.

Missing your parents, your friends, the relationships you know, can easily snap that rubber band and tempt you to regret the move forward you’ve always dreamt of making. Even the grandest dreams seem crazy when you are alone and the separation anxiety gnaw at you. The new people and place look a little tarnished.

I am here as your #1 encourager that even difficult changes can be great in the long run. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on the destination, the goal, while making the most effort to enjoy the journey!

Until I see you again…
Make it a great day,


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