What’s Happening to Human-Kind?

DPD Memorial ShieldMy heart is so heavy with all the ways humankind is seeking to destroy one another every single day. I know this sort of hatred has often existed throughout creation, but it feels like it’s more “in your face” than ever with the constant streaming videos and instant everything. This Dallas PD badge represents one of countless examples of how humankind is no longer being kind to one another. This hits especially close to home for me, a cop’s daughter and one in the business of serving law enforcement and fire personnel, but it extends so much further. I pray for humankind, those who look like me and those who do not look like me, those who believe what I do and those who do not, those who are rich and those who are poor, those who have all they need and those who are struggling. My heart is heavy and my prayers come out as deep, pained groans, but I know God hears my prayers.

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