Fruity Conundrums

photogrid_1461954885792.jpgWhy does saying I enjoy the taste of plums sound healthy and delicious, but saying I enjoy the taste of prunes make the hearer shudder and no longer make eye contact?

Why are fresh bananas so delicious and fun to eat, but my kids act like I’m trying to pull a cruel joke on them when I offer them dried banana chips?

Why are grapes a universal snacking fruit, yet you either LOVE or HATE raisins?

Why are there so many varieties of apples, AND given this huge selection, why are we not allowed to grab one of each and create our own little taster bag of apply goodness?

Why are mangos and pomegranates so darn messy fresh that I’ll pick the dried option before messing with the fresh almost every time, even knowing fresh is the healthier choice?

Why are dried plums, prunes and dried grapes, raisins; but most of the others just get to be dried apricots, papaya, bananas, apples, peaches, cherries, etc.?

And, last but certainly not least: Why do these questions take up space in my brain? 🙂

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


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