Maximizing Your Closet & Your Money

We all have those clothes…clothes we love, clothes we purchased 15 years ago, but haven’t worn in 10. Clothes that we just never seem to wear anymore, but also can’t stand the thought of getting rid of them.

Let’s quit being sentimental and start being practical!

You could keep those clothes for-ev-er…continuing to never wear them, of course. With every house move, you’ll require more and more closet space for these clothes you don’t wear but can’t seem to part with, either.

You could donate them to a charity of your choosing and be filled with warm-fuzzies for your good deed.

You could turn the whole load of cast-offs into a consignment shop, and then cross your fingers that they accept everything.

Click to go to my eBay page!

Click to go to my eBay page!

Or, you could do as I did in my most recent flood of Spring Cleaning, and eBay it all! This way, I set my price, and I am thrilled when someone new can get a new lease on my clothes that are still fun, still cute, and still in great condition…just because I don’t wear them any longer doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t be getting some good wear out of them!

If everything I cleaned out of my closet this week sells, I’ll be a couple of hundred dollars richer, which is good for my closet and my budget! The items that don’t sell in the first round will be relisted. If there are items that stay stagnant, I’ll happily donate them and know they’ll still find a good home and I’ll get a small dose of warm-fuzzies, to boot!

Charity is great! I’m a huge believer in charitable donations. However, there are some times when you could use the cash more than the tax deduction.

So, what’s stopping you? Go see what clothes you have left that you love but still don’t wear. If you love them, someone else will, too…and that new person will see those gorgeous garments with fresh, new-to-me eyes that glimmer! The buyer gets a good deal and some great, new clothes; you get a little more room in your closet and in your budget–it’s a WIN-WIN scenario!

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


P.S. If you’d like to see what’s available from my own closet, here ya go:

I’d love for you to tag me if YOU participate in this closet clean-out, too!!!

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