Weekly Wrap-Up: April 16, 2016

Well, friends, I am going to take a page from Tim Ferriss’ playbook. I subscribe to Tim’s “5-bullet Friday” email and it’s gold. The concept is awesome, so I want to jump in and play with this concept and see what evolves. So, here we go…my first Weekly Wrap-Up.

This week on the screen

The kids and I laughed and laughed at Daddy’s Home for our “Weeelaxing Wednesday” (it used to be “T.V. Tuesday,” but we had to change days and needed a new catchy name). Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play off of one another so well and the writing adds so much to the physical humor and hilarity. This movie actually surprised me in how much I liked it, and my kids and I have been referencing it ever since…the family drawings…and when he through that ball right at the cheerleader…oh my gosh, and when he got on that motorcycle…the dance off…the bedtime story… Cute, funny movie.

My go-to bedside book

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. This is such a cool concept for a book, and is so fantastically weaved. A book conservator, reading the history of an ancient book through the clues she finds about the people and places it’s been. I picked this book up from the library, but intend on buying copies for my mother and a friend of mine so they can both enjoy the story, as well. And I would like to read more from Geraldine Brooks.

Gotta listen to my tunes

“Waiting in Vain” by Annie Lennox. Not only do I love this song, it also creates an awesome radio station on Google Music!

Quote of my week

“Start every day with praise, and end it with prayer.” –Me 🙂

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