Who Is Your Favorite Musician?

Who’s your favorite singer? Favorite band? Favorite lyricist? Favorite musician?

This kind of question has always been a difficult one for me. Usually, my answer of my favorite singer has been P!nk or Alanis Morissette. Favorite bands still have to include the Dixie Chicks, Matchbox 20, The Police and Fleetwood Mac.

I often also find myself going into a whole diatribe about appreciating artists like Madonna and Usher’s musical talent paired with seemingly timeless business sense. Or singers I love for the nostalgia like George Jones, Neil Diamond and Christopher Cross.

With all of these artists mentioned, however, even at the very top of my musical love list, I often have to hedge because as much as I LOVE so many of their songs, I don’t love them all.  I can’t listen to them on non-stop album repeat because I may only LOVE half the songs on any given album. I mean, I REALLY love those songs, but then there are songs that feel more like “fillers” and I just don’t feel ’em.

There is one artist, however, who I’ve only been introduced to in the past few years who I can listen to on constant shuffle, and although I may not always be in the mood for every single one of her songs, I do really, really like ALL of her music. All of it. Every song. Including covers she has done of other artists, which aren’t many, but I love her rendition of those, too.

Brandi Carlile @ the Stoughton Opera House, Wisconsin

Brandi Carlile @ the Stoughton Opera House, Wisconsin


I was introduced to her music a few years ago while we still lived in Wisconsin. While working at the most charming coffee shop you’ve ever seen, I had a customer who I ended up talking music with one day. We discovered that we both had an affinity (OK, in all fairness, she had an obsession…a step above an affinity 😉 ) with the music of John Hiatt.

Much to my surprise a couple of weeks later, I was invited by this customer to see Brandi Carlile. It turns out this customer and her husband had tickets to see Brandi, but the hubby had to work so there was a free ticket, and this awesome customer thought of ME!

That evening, as I was getting ready to go to the show, I downloaded Brandi’s “Bear Creek” album and fell in love. The band’s performance that night at the Stoughton Opera House in little ‘ole Stoughton, Wisconsin, was magical. I now have every one of Brandi’s CD’s downloaded on my phone and can honestly listen to the entire list on shuffle and never skip a song.

She has the coolest rasp, she belts out notes, she has such a cool harmonizing background with her band, she writes, she entertains, and she makes you feel what she’s feeling.

So, after a couple of years and still not tiring of her sound, I can emphatically say that Brandi Carlile is my favorite musical artist!

Who is yours?

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


To find out more about MY favorite musician, check out Brandi’s website: brandicarlile.com

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