Secret of Life in the Balance

Today, when absolutely every bit of information we could ever need is likely a few moments away via our handy-dandy cellular device, what does the term “balance” even mean?

Plugged-in but engaged. Not a social leper who refuses to acknowledge any form of social media, but also not the extreme pendulum swing of always in that phone up, head down stance we all know so well. So plugged in that the present real life experiences going on around us matter very little.

I have a tendency to justify social engagement in the name of sharing the real life experiences in real time. The problem with this justification is that those “real time” shares steal real time from the here and now, and from the real people who are right there with me. Slowly, I am training myself to be O.K. with posting those pictures later (or not at all), and the world hasn’t screeched to a halt over it, yet!

Take the pictures! Have the profound thoughts! Celebrate that day! Live it then, and once the moment has passed and you have some time to yourself, if those pictures, memories, and thoughts are really that good, go ahead and share. Then, you’re using your time, but not wasting moments with others.

Strive for balance, my friends!

Make it a great day,


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