The last eight months have been such a time of extreme transition for me. More specifically, I’ve been going through a series of transitions. These transitions have been really interesting for me, but especially lately, have taken me away from my social networks.

Initially, these transitions took me OUT; I was all over Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this website. I mean, I was in serious SHARE mode!

Lately, these transitions have brought me IN; I’ve not been hiding, but I’ve been more introspective.

I’ve been consuming content in droves, but I haven’t been creating content.

I’ve been reading and listening and watching and studying and lurking instead of performing and creating and jumping in.

This is about to change.wpid-picsart_10-18-09.00.24.jpg

When we go through transitions–whether they are location-based, relationship-based, career-based, any or all of the above– it’s especially important to me to allow myself to fully go through each of these transition periods fully. If I beat myself up about not putting out content on my website, or for not sharing regularly across social media, then it messes with my final outcome. It messes with the quality if I’m not feeling it but force it, anyway.

So, forgive me, but understand why this is an important transition time for me, and when you’re going through your own transitions, remember to be gentle with yourself and always remember that when you go with what your soul is speaking to you, you can’t go “wrong.”

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


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