You Do YOU


Some mornings aren’t so pleasant in our little household. All it takes is one person to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, having not slept well, running late, or stubbing a toe to begin the snowball effect of cranky that can turn an otherwise pleasant, productive morning into a kickstart of silent treatment, brooding, and angst-induced pouting. Yep…doesn’t take much, does it?

However, the longer I practice living among others (and I’ve been practicing for almost 40 years, now), the more I see these mornings as ways of proving to myself and others that only YOU can decide what kind of day YOU are going to have.

Getting angry or upset is a choice to be upset.

Hearing hateful things aimed at you allow you an opportunity to choose to find the good and get ahead of the hurt.

In the same way, seeing the best in people and situations, understanding that others you encounter areĀ  fighting internal battles you know nothing about, and choosing to make the most of every single day you are granted, are all choices.

My hope is that you choose to allow significantly more positive than negative happenings or people effect your world every day. My hope is that today And every day, you…

Make it a great day,

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