Let Love In


When we are hurt emotionally, it feels like we’ve somehow broken inside. We’re cracked, bruised, cut, pieces of us are eaten away. We feel incomplete.

When that hurt comes from someone we trust to love, respect, and protect us, those emotional wounds are even greater gashes that cut deep. No more flesh wounds, these are wounds that can take months, years, and lifetimes to heal, if we allow them to fester.

Love heals.

When we experience these painful emotional cuts, love heals. Not love from the same person who brought the pain, love from someone you know, love, and trust. When you are hurt by a husband, boyfriend, or significant other, wrap the love of your closest friends around you and let their love and care for you salve your emotional wounds. If it’s a friend that has caused you great pain, go to another.

The key for healing for me is to not dwell on the pain, but to allow the love that pours in from sources outside of the pain to fill those painful marks that hate left in you. When you’re down and broken, allowing those around who who truly love you to cover and protect you in their love and friendship while you heal.

Let LOVE pour in and soothe your wounds. It’s what LOVE does best!

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,

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