You Are Beautiful


THIS is Lizzie Velasquez! Holy moly is this woman ever an inspiration. She is the epitome of internal beauty that *shines* out of her every pore!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is beauty. Each person reading this is beautiful in so many ways. You have beauty inside of you, and you share beauty with those you love. The world has people in it who may try to tear you down and convince you that you ARE AMAZING! Now in her 20’s, Lizzie gives those who encounter her inspiration to stand up against bullying of all sorts, as she knows first hand how painful and wide-spread bullying can be.

My hope is that you find Lizzie as inspirational and uplifting as I do. Go follow her, go watch her film, and get inspired to live your most beautiful life!!! I stand with Lizzie!

Find Lizzie all over the interweb:
Her Website:
Her Facebook:
Her Twitter:
Her Instagram:

AND–If you go see her movie, or watch it online (I saw that you can watch it on-demand from her website…which I will be doing VERY shortly), please let me know and share your thoughts here!

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


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