This is Kelsey


Today was a milestone day in my teenage daughter’s life, but this is more than merely a proud mom moment, this is a transformation story that I was allowed to watch unfold in awe.

This is my oldest daughter, Kelsey. She is a beautiful spirit of a person, and certainly indomitable. She’s the second born child, which–in a nut shell–means that everything I so easily mastered with my first son was completely turned on its head and proven wrong with my second child. She’s been her very own version of herself since Day 1, even in her persistence to be born…she couldn’t wait a single moment more to get on with this thing called life and insisted on being born two months early, with no residual complications or health concerns to speak of. She is and always will be my “angel baby.”

The road for someone so spirited and creative can be a difficult one. When your ways of doing things don’t quite line up with the societal (or parental…) “norms,” frustrations erupt easily and with relatively frequency. She has gone through periods of time when she held her wildest dreams close to her, not sharing them for the sake of no longer wanting to argue or defend her stance. Other times, she has shared it all, baring her soul and her dreams in the open for those all around her to observe and, consequently, judge. She’s one of those kids who could have gone either way…she could use this uniqueness to her advantage or allowed it to swallow her up in a dark hole that summons the “unique” of our society. Kelsey chose the higher road. She has big dreams and decided not to allow her way of being work against her, but to use it as her fuel for accomplishment.

Her latest great endeavor has been one of great openness and, as of tonight, great success. Kelsey has been writing and creating all forms of artwork essentially her entire life to this point. She’s wildly talented an creative, but–like me–is great at starting things, but for one reason or another tends toward quitting and moving on to another project of greater excitement before finishing the first. Kelsey has begun writing many books, but this time was different. There was something different in her mindset, her preparation, her planning, and her execution that was the turning point between past abandonments and current success. And, each day of this writing journey, she posted on her personal Facebook page what she had accomplished in her writing for the day. Without giving away all of her trade secrets, I will share that her primary writing goal was 2,000 words a day. She often exceeded this goal, but every day she wrote and wrote and wrote. She wrote after a long day at school. She wrote after homework. She wrote in the middle of a chaotic house full of family. She wrote in the quiet of her bedroom. Wherever she was, and however she had the opportunity, Kelsey was able to buckle-down, focus, and let the writing flow through her fingertips.

This evening, she posted this: wpid-screenshot_2015-10-18-22-12-17-1.png

Please understand right here and now that Kelsey realizes that this is just the first step in a very long journey of writing and working to be a published author, but this is still a monumental step for my amazing daughter. Not missing a beat, now she’s worked out her schedule for editing this manuscript, while simultaneously working on the sequel book. I couldn’t be more proud of her perseverance!

Did I mention…she’s only 15 years old.

So proud!

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,


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