Create Sunshine Wherever You Go


This idea of being the sunshine in someone else’s dark day, of walking in kindness wherever you roam, of being the light atop a great hill for all to see, not hidden from the world, is beautiful to me. Daily I attempt to walk through my own life this way. Some days I am better at that than others. But always, I will try. This is my nature.

Life would be exhausting and boring if everyone we’re just like me, with my same personality and styles of communication, always erring on the side of big bear hugs and squealing, hand clapping, jump-up-and-down excitement. The world would have an eternal headache is we were all…me. Thankfully, you don’t have to be uber gregarious and extroverted to live your life in such a way as to bring joy to others. You can be the sunshine in someone else’s day in your own, quiet way, just as I do in my loud, over-the-top way. We don’t have to have the same style to have the same effect.

There are many of you much more “neutral” than myself, and in a way I’m somewhat jealous of that. I feel everything! Extreme joy and extreme sadness. My younger cousin (as I am an only child my closest sibling-esque person was this cousin), Gabby, observed once when she was still quite young that there’s no middle ground with me. What an astute observation from such a young person! This is true in all areas of my life. There’s happy and unhappy, black and white, right and wrong, truth and lies, good and bad. For someone who lives to create and be creative, this has often struck me as odd. How can I love to live in a swirl of color and creativity, yet not see any middle ground in life?

A sweet friend of mine, Steph, told me that I am the way I am because I’m a horse-rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. I don’t know if I’m saying that right; I was born in the year of the horse (my gregarious, all-in or all-out ways) at the hour of the rabbit (which is why I feel evverryyyythhhiiinnnggggg so much). This intrigued me and I enjoyed my talks with Steph about this and how it effects every aspect of life. I could listen to her teaching for hours and ask questions at every lull. She was wonderfully enlightening.

My ways have made me many beautiful friendships. They make me great in customer-service industries. They make me just LOVE people…or at least, I love happy people. My way of being actually makes it very difficult to understand or relate to people who tend toward anger, criticism, or pessimism. I tend to think those people are just having a rough day and need a hug, then am completely thrown off course when my hugs, prep talks, and smiles don’t immediately fix everything.

I share all of this to simply point out that my hugs and smiles don’t fix everything for everyone, but everyone in the world was created with gifts for lifting others up and improving their day. I can still share sunshine in my own way, even with people who don’t care for my particular brand of sunshine, knowing that I am still improving the lives of others in my attempts.

I want to spread love and light to all I encounter, and I hope I inspire you to do the same, in your own way, in your own world.

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,

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