Universal Abundance & A Lot of Hustle


Forbes: The 2015 Billionaires Issue

Settling in this morning with a hot cup of coffee and the latest issue of Forbes Magazine, my eye is drawn to this little blurb within the first few page flips. These stats are also on the cover of the magazine, but they knew they had something powerful enough to repeat.

It was another record-breaking year for wealth: 1,826 billionaires, 290 newcomers, 197 women, $7.1 trillion in aggregate net worth.

Even living in my current situation, working around the clock and still needing to check the bank balance before making a trip to the grocery store or out to lunch, this blurb in Forbes still strikes a hopeful chord in my soul. I’m not looking for Forbes kind of wealth from life, but I’m working every day, hustling every day, to earn the kind of wealth that gives comfort and breathing room.

This blurb reminds me that the universe is abundant, that there is no limit to my learning or my earning, and that we can find the inspiration and the extra push we need wherever we look…we just have to open our eyes to all the possibilities around us!

Make it a great day,

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