My friends, 6 1/2 Months is tooooo long!

If I were expecting another child, my patience and anticipation would be running on high-throttle by now! It’s been 6 1/2 months since my last post and I…have…missed…you!

Since we’ve last met here, so much has happened.wpid-photogrid_1412799957985.jpg

  • The whole reason my family moved five states away from most of our family has dissolved…but everything happens for a reason! I had a 15-minute self-pity party about…oh…6 and a half months ago, and then I got over it, but it definitely rocked my world a bit.
  • My oldest step-son and his lovely wife had an incredibly adorable daughter, which makes me a practice grandmother so I’m completely and utterly overwhelmed with love over that blessing!
  • I became the Head Coach for the Poms Dance Squad at our high school…a job that I LOVE and have a great passion for, but that I began just enough behind the eight-ball to feel like I’ve been behind schedule for months, now.
  • My children still at home were out for a very long, very busy, mostly pleasurable summer…then, they went back to school for an even busier, somewhat pleasurable school year.
  • Life keeps moving at a whirlwind pace…and when it’s not moving, moving, moving, I find a way to kick up some dust and get it up and running, again!

Last night, however, was the moment that shook me back awake and brought me back to y’all! Last night, I realized that ONE of my YouTube channel videos has been viewed over 46,000 times! Holy Cow!!! Now, I know…I know…there are YouTubers out there who have more subscribers than that, they have that many and more hits on EVERY one of their videos, they have big advertising checks that sustain their “job” as a YouTuber, BUT that’s them…this is ME…and I am PUMPED about my 46k views!!!!!!! What??? You’d like to know which video it was that was oh, so popular? Great news, I’ll totally take you to it:

The numbers mean nothing without interaction, though, and that’s where I have definitely fallen off the wagon. I’m so thankful for last night’s epiphany, as it was just the nudge I needed to quit talking about what I want to do and DO IT!

Make it a great day, y’all!


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