wpid-IMG_20140227_144122.jpgThis morning, I awoke with a migraine, so I did what everyone with migraines wants to do…I went back to bed! When I finally got up and moving, I did one productive thing (yes, ONE), and all I could think through my sore brained fog was, “I think that’s all I have in me.” If the school buses weren’t already making their rounds now, and if my children weren’t one at a time about to start banging through the door, I’d likely go back to bed…again. I will, instead, make the most of a day that would have been productive and enjoy the forced opportunity to chill. But, I digress…

I posted this picture <<—————— on Instagram as I was having these thoughts of lost productivity, along with the hashtag #atleastihavecoffee. Then, as I often do, once my pic had uploaded, I hit that blue little hashtag link and opened up a world of other Instagrammers who have also used that hashtag.

As simple a thing as it is, when I use hashtags I enjoy seeing who else has used that same one. This is especially fun when it’s a really unique hashtag (or at least a hashtag that I think it really unique…of which I cannot think of a single example right now because, duh, my head hurts too much to think…in fact, looking at this screen right now doesn’t feel too great), then seeing who else thought the same. Hashtags are like another realm of social media that completely connects one to another, across the state or across the globe, who you do not know, but you have this shared thought. It’s pretty amazing, really, just how connected I am to each person in this world, from so many different angles. #smallworld

Make it a great (headache-free) day,


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