Week one, day one

6am: Up and feeling rested. Let’s get this day started!

Weight: 120.8 lbs


Time to get the kids moving and ready for their Monday!

7am: Breakfast, yummy and hearty kale smoothie

8am: 40 Minute workout–10 min cardio warm-up, 20 min weight training (lower body day), 10 min cardio cool down & stretching

9am: Home to get ready for a rare date day with my husband!

10am: Out the door and straight to the coffee shop for some hot drinks to go! Make mine a hot green tea, please!

Noon: Lunch at Red Robin, and I just can’t resist the bacon and egg cheeseburger! Water to drink and potato fries on the side. Yum!
Next, home to meet kiddos after school and get some dry beans slow cooking for a nice, clean dinner (to help me counteract the heavy lunch).

4-8pm: This week is a little abnormal in my scheduling, which makes it kind of a funny week to track my every move…but oh well. I worked for just a couple of hours this evening, then came home and enjoyed some lovely, tasty, hearty, and totally healthy lentils and mixed veggies. So filling! So delish!!!

9pm: My last cup of green tea for the day as I settle into my relaxing bedtime routine. Ahhhhh.

Remember, you can also follow my exercise and nutrition regime on Endomondo and MyFitnessPal if you don’t get enough details to suit you here 🙂

Make it a great day,

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