Things I’ve Learned from the Snow, Part 2

1. It only takes a few months to completely run out of places to stack, push, or throw the snow to as you can only go so high and you can only throw so far.

2. Your driveways and walkways just keep getting more and more narrow.

3. I now understand why there is a (sort of true) perception about the “cheese eaters” physique. If you spend (what feels like) 10 hours a day shoveling, plowing, or otherwise doing manual work to adjust the snow, you run out of energy for other forms of exercise.

4. No one told me about the blowing. I know I covered this in part 1 of Things I’ve Learned from the Snow, but it begs repeating. If only the snow would stay put where you shovel or blow it that would be awesome…but noooooo, the wind cones along like we’re still living in West Texas and destroys your nice, neat, human-height snow banks all over the place!

5. Murphy’s Law states that when the wind moves your piles of snow, it only blows back onto driveways or walkways, never further in themselves to make your way clearer for more snow to come.

6. When you have your phone in your pocket while shoveling snow, there comes a time when it no longer functions because the temperature of the phone is so low. So, when you’re like me and really want to get pictures of the beauty that is in the sparkly snow, you better have a thawed out phone or camera first!

7. It’s a pain in the back, but I still LOVE living among the Wisconsin snow!

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