Beauty Guru Makeup FUN!!!

In this multi-media, internet social world we live in, some of our addictions are bound to revolve around our “smart phones” that are, statistically speaking, making us dumber by the second! My favorite phone vice is watching YouTube! I have a whole slew of people I follow and channels I subscribe to there; heck, I even watch my news there!

One of my favorite genres of YouTube channels is the Beauty Guru group! LOVE Kandee Johnson, Wayne Goss, the Pixiwoo sisters, Jaclyn Hill, and so many others! I like some because they’re so quirky, others because they crack me up, and most because they’ve got mad skills with the makeup!

So, being the low-maintenance makeup gal that I am, I wanted to see just how different my normal 5 minute makeup routine was from the “beauty guru” way of doing makeup…and the answer is: about 30 minutes difference, but a much different “look”! I had so much fun filming this video, and trying some techniques and tricks that I have rarely (if ever) tried before.

Thanks for stopping by and going with me on my many random adventures 🙂

Make it a great day,

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