Things I’m Learning from Snow

1) I’ve come to the conclusion that as a Southerner in the North, it’s safest to do all of my driving following the snow plow for the following reasons: they clear the roads for you, they sprinkle salt along your path, everyone can see and hear you coming, and it keeps your speed to a bare minimum on the slick roads.

2) Once the snow stops falling I’ve learned that the wind picks up and starts blowing all the loose, powdery loveliness in all directions…not only flying in your face (usually the only exposed skin available), but also all over the sidewalks and driveways that you just spent an hour of muscle and back ache clearing.

3) There are even the snow equivalent of “dirt devils” (mini tornado looking gusts of wind that pick up dirt in desert-like West Texas) here that swirl freshly fallen snow across yards and streets. I’m calling then “snownadoes.”

4) I’ve learned so far what -16 degrees Fahrenheit feels like…and it’s still early in the season.

5) And, I’ve learned that weather that would have shut the world down in the South doesn’t even phase people in the North.

Stay warm, my friends &
Make it a great day,

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