Dropping Body Fat Over the Holidays {+Video}

In an attempt to see just how trim I can get my bod, I’ve decided to document the next eight weeks of body changes on my YouTube channel. Every two weeks I will post a preview video to highlight how I’m doing. Then, at the end of the eight weeks, I will post a compilation video of the body changes.

Marilyn flex Preview1The goals here are simple:
1. I want this to be a “real world” experiment. I’m not going to heavily alter my nutrition regimen, and the added bonus of the holiday season week make this particularly “real.” The only control over my diet that will factor in is that I am going to stop myself from completely over-indulging in holiday sweets and treats. There will still be sugar…oh yes, there will be sugar!
2. I want to get my body fat down as low as I healthfully can without some crash diet or insane workout schedule. My focus throughout this experiment will be on my training, which will range from weight lifting to various kinds of cardio work (including cycling, since I’m also in prep mode for next year’s LaCrosse Omnium).
**A note on body fat: Please note that pre-menopausal women are highly encouraged to maintain a natural body fat level of at least 12%, but more realistically 15-22% for the most normal female reproductive functions. I am post-menopausal thanks to endometriosis running in my family, so I do not have this factor to worry with.  Please consult your physician as I did before embarking on a similar experiment.

So, I invite you to view the first preview video, subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up on all the latest and greatest video news, and even connect on Endomondo, the fitness tracker I prefer for all things without related!

Thanks to all for your support and cheers!

Make it a great day,

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