Off to the Next Challenge

I consider myself somewhat of a Gypsy spirit in that I don’t much like to stay in one place too many years, or do one thing for too long. I’m not the person you’ll be celebrating 30 year anniversaries with a single company or likely even in a single industry; I commend people who have that long-term stick-to-it-ness, but that’s just not me. So far, in my little life I’ve worked my way through high school in a grocery store, studied art, psychology and English, which all led to interesting jobs in marketing, jewelry design, business management, fitness, and now even coffee! That’s more-or-less how I roll in most areas of my life. I enjoy change and the exploring and learning that goes with each new chapter.

Marilyn fitnessAs you can well imagine, this mindset also applies to my physical activities. Always active, my fitness passions have ranged from ballet to bodybuilding, short to long distance running, and have included yoga and Pilates for good measure. And, although I’ve enjoyed riding my bicycle since I first learned in my grandparent’s front yard in Coltsneck, New Jersey, I am off to the next challenge of racing…on a bike. Anyone who has spent at least 15 minutes with me knows that my son, Morgan, is counting down to the Tour de France 2019, so his influence and passion for the sport of cycling no doubt adds fuel to my fire. The bottom line is that I really enjoy riding. Over the years, I have raised money and participated in a handful of fundraising rides, but the truth was I had to participate in those rides because Morgan wasn’t old enough to ride them on his own. Now, it’s for me!

I have chosen my race and have even included a countdown over to the right ——————————————————————————————->>>

Riding my bikeThe LaCrosse Omnium is a three-day event which includes a 2.37 mile climb up Grandad’s Bluff, a 45 minute criterium around Riverside Park, and a three-lap road race on a 13.6 mile loop across the border in Minnesota. Let me just say from the get-go: I’m using the term “racing” very lightly here! Similar to my 2 1/2 hour half marathon in 2012, I will be elated just to finish this challenge…if I actually beat someone across a finish line that will just be completely unexpected icing on the cake.

Morgan will be in training for this race, as well, which we will document on!

So, I’m off and training, and looking forward to where the road and my two wheels will take me this time around! My plan is to post updates along the journey and tell all about this awesome race!

Thanks for stopping by.

Make it a great day,


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