Christmas Tree Shopping Like the Grizwolds!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in the Midwest, and our family is loving every minute of it! While my friends back in the South are still donning their t-shirts and shorts, I’m bundled and layered and wondering what else I could possibly put on to stay warm.

Christmas Tree Heaven!

Christmas Tree Heaven!

Today, in 20 degrees and sunshine, my Mother and I took advantage of a quiet day to go Christmas tree shopping. For the first time in years, our big, happy family has decided to go with a real tree–complete with the real piney woods aroma, real needles scattered through the house, and the imperfect perfection that goes with a real tree in comparison to the fake alternative. We have a GIANT Blue Spruce in our front yard, which we’re also hoping to be able to figure out how to decorate (the height is the key as we unloaded all of our major ladders before the move…could use those, again, about now). And, as an added *bonus*, we have the tallest ceilings ever (14′ in the spot where we want our tree placed this year), so we’re in hog heaven!!!

All that to say we ventured out to one of the many tree farms in our area and had ourselves a ball! When we told the woman helping us that we had tall ceilings so we wanted a large tree, she kind of looked as if she were quietly saying, “I hear that all of the time…until the tree you choose scrapes the ceiling.” She was still quite accommodating and pointed us toward the 10’+ tree area.

To say that a Christmas tree farm is like walking into Christmas heaven is an understatement on a GRAND scale for my mother and I! We’re those people who will play Christmas music on full volume in May or June and sing along at the top of our lungs. We’re the people who actually think it’s exciting in the dead of summer heat when Hobby Lobby clears a quarter of their store out to make room for all of the holiday decorations. And, we’re those people who tromp out through the mud like the Grizwolds in search of the perfect family Christmas tree.

So, since this is the year of fresh starts and changes around every corner, our family is breaking another long standing habit this year. We will NOT be waiting until after Thanksgiving to put our Christmas decorations up! We are going to enjoy a whole extra week and a half of Christmas joy this year and it’s going to be awesome!!!

Make it a great day,


3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shopping Like the Grizwolds!

  1. Dawn says:

    Im going to decorate Saturday. That’s the earliest I’ve ever done it! We are both in different houses doing new decorating. How exciting. I miss you!

  2. Donkey Whisperer Farm says:

    This year it was my turn to pick out the tree I accidently picked a blue spruce. I thought it was a blue noble, the tree made our hands break out with little red dots putting the ornaments on. Oh well, this is our last Christmas in our home as we are moving next spring to our new 20 acre farm in Sequim, WA. I love this tree now that all the hard work is done! I think I will need to plant a couple on our new farm land as they are gorgeous.

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