Random Facts Friday

So, here are ten thrilling,  random facts about ME that you may not already know:

blooper pic 2

1) As a kid, I picked my nose in private, but still completely grossed out if I saw any other kid pick their noses!

2) I am stricter with my kids than I’d like to be, but then when I’m around other people’s unruly children I see how my consistency and strictness has paid off.

3) My favorite way to wake up and get moving in the morning is to play zippy, upbeat music for all the family to sing and dance along to!

4) I never realized how spastic female hormones truly are until I had my hysterectomy…I’ve never been so even-keeled in my life as I have been the past five years!

5) I have kind of a gypsy spirit; if I’m in one place, one house, one city, one state for too long I start itching for change. I’ve been in Fort Smith, Arkansas longer than I’ve ever been anywhere in my life (8 years this August!), and it seems totally nuts!

6) By nature, I’m more of an all-or-nothing kind of gal, so I struggle in most areas of my life with the need for moderation.

7) I want to SMILE all of the time, and often do if I’m with my favorite people…but too often it’s at the most inappropriate times 🙂

8) I am intrigued by the ways we can see the psychology of nature vs. nurture in action when we watch our children’s behaviors, mannerisms, and habits.

9) As both a night-owl and a morning-person, I struggle every single night of my life with getting to bed with time enough to get the sleep I know I need. EVERY night!

10) The internet is one of my favorite things in the world!

Make it a great day,


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