Oh, “Shirley Temple”

011So, this morning in the coffee shop drive-thru, I looked at my youngest daughter in the back seat. She had her sneaker off one of her feet and was beating on that socked foot with her shoe.

When I asked her if her foot had gone to sleep she responded, “Oh, Shirley Temple, yes! My foot is asleep!”

Now, if you say this aloud, or imagine your 6-year-old saying it aloud, and slow it all down in your head like that point in the TV show when the child is about to say something offensive in front of the hoity-toity rich relatives…that’s what I was going through in the comfort of my car this morning.

Charlotte said, “Oh, sh….” and I thought I was about to come unglued! Of course, she didn’t even hesitate or think anything of it. She wasn’t about to say the bad word, and changed at the last minute to Shirley Temple; that’s what she meant to say from the beginning. Whew!!!

Oh, Shirley Temple, it’s Tuesday!

Make it a great day,

Mari!yn 🙂

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