Sometimes, I just have to be “that mom”

As a whole, my little family is pretty low-maintenance. There aren’t daily, weekly, or even monthly shopping sprees. The girls and I only get the mani/pedi treatment for ultra special occasions. The guys in our family essentially wear gym shorts and t-shirts everywhere…heck, that goes for us girls, too 🙂

PhotoGrid_1370797190858But, sometimes, just sometimes, I become “that mom” for a few moments. Last night, as I was surfing my favorite news source –YouTube– I started looking through nail design videos. And, although I’m not much into putting that much work into fingernail polish that generally chips within a day, and looks like total junk within three…I found some CUTE nail designs and decided to go for it.

Of course, I’m rocking these fancy, fun toenails with my sweat pants, t-shirt, and very little makeup…so the rest of my “look” still doesn’t match my zooty toenails, but they’re still fun!!! Every once in a while, it doesn’t hurt me to be a little higher maintenance 😉

Make it a great day,


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