I don’t wanna “share”

Dad Mom MarilynWhen my dad comes across an article online or in a newspaper or magazine that he knows I would benefit from, he does this thing where he puts my initials at the top of the page in his ever-handy red pencil, and files it neatly away until he sees me next. Usually, by the time he hands me my article, it has been paired with other neatly filed articles into a nice, little stack of good reading.

When Dad does this, I appreciate it! The articles could be on any number of topics from health to business to family to organization or travel–the sky’s the limit. But one thing is always sure: the articles have always been well thought out selections that he has chosen specifically for me because he knew I would enjoy them and gain from them.

Now, imagine if every person you’ve ever known did this. Imagine if every time you bumped into someone you know at the grocery store, or spoke to someone at the office they handed you a little stack of three or four articles that they think are “must reads” for YOU! This is what social media outlets like Facebook have become and it’s kind of getting on my nerves.

When I open up my Facebook app on my phone or sign in on my computer, I am doing so to find out what my friends and family–the people I specifically know and love–are doing. Why oh why am I, instead, bombarded by political diatribes written by some talking head that none of my friends know, or some “share this 1,000 times and the hospital will give me a new lung for free,” or whatnot. I can appreciate that people enjoy online articles, charities, recipes, and inspirational quote–I’ve been there, I get it–but is it really “perfect” for every one of your nearest and dearest Facebook acquaintances?

When I log in, I want to see YOUR kids, YOUR words, and YOUR thoughts. Why do we now have to sift through all of the “shared” this and “liked” that to get to the meat of what’s going on in our friend’s lives? Now, if YOU wrote the article you’re sharing ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ), that’s at least related to YOUR life, your true passions and what’s going on with you. I’ll welcome those any time!!!

I’m taking steps to declutter lots of things, but among them is this Facebook culprit! I am reporting random ads that show up in my news-feed as spam. I am adjusting my settings to only show my friend’s photos and status updates…and only the “important life events”. ย I am not doing this because I don’t love you and want to know your thoughts…I’m doing this because I DO love you and don’t want to get irritated with you every time I log in ๐Ÿ™‚

So, friends, keep “sharing” if you please, but I’m going to keep my article stack very small and carefully marked with my initials in red pencil. Those are especially for me.

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