The Best Kinds of Gifts!

You know those times when you get a gift right out of the blue? It’s not a holiday. It’s not your birthday. Not your anniversary. Not Mother’s or Father’s day. Not Valentine’s Day. There is NO reason for the gift…but you get it.

Who will agree that that is really the smilingest kind of gift to get?!?!

Today, I got one of those sorts of gifts. I had a delivery slip in my box this morning and was completely confused because I couldn’t think of anything I was expecting. I hadn’t ordered anything. There wasn’t a holiday. No one had mentioned sending anything to myself or my family… As the postal clerk brought the box out, I spotted the return address:


I was temped to jump up and down right there in the post office!!! I was so tickled to get a box from Zig Ziglar’s company…especially since I KNEW I hadn’t ordered anything lately.

Let me tell you, I couldn’t get the box open fast enough. When I did, I saw the sweetest just-for-the-heck-of-it gift from my Dad!!!


Already today, I have got these CD’s going while I work at my office, and I am looking soooo forward to getting home tonight and digging into “The Performance Planner!”

I recommend to ALL that you stay motivated to action, productivity and efficiency throughout your life. Among my favorites are Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, andĀ Timothy Ferriss. I also love to listen to and watch Beth Moore, Joel Osteen, and Kandee Johnson, because they are all such uplifting, motivational people!

It’s good to be lifted and to lift others. One amazing way to achieve and receive this are for the “just because” gift! Is there someone who could use a small token of your love and friendship? I bet there is and I KNOW you could make someone’s day VERY SPECIAL right now!

Make it a great day,


**Just so you know: I don’t know or gain anything financial from any of the companies or people I’ve lifted up in this article. They’re just people and organizations I get a lot of enjoyment, encouragement and education from, and I believe each of the above are worth looking into!

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