It’s all about WATER!!!

20130328 1000DY Water 2

Click to check out the video on YouTube

The latest video post from Road Signs to Him is all about water!!! WATER: the MOST critical element of the body, the power behind our strong minds AND strong, healthy bodies!

Think about it: when our human bodies are made up of 60% water, and our BRAINS are made up of 90% water…how in the world are we supposed to exist and thrive drinking nothing but sodas and caffeine, and eating junk that no longer even resembles real food? When we allow ourselves to take junk fuel in, we aren’t going to be able to function on all cylinders, and we aren’t going to be able to function AT ALL for long!

This isn’t a rant about never drinking another Dr. Pepper (’cause I love them!), or only shopping for groceries at the natural foods store (who could afford that?!?!). I am taking a stand in favor of caring for our bodies the way I believe God intended for us to, which includes keeping them well-nourished.

ALL OF THIS is so we can better serve His Kingdom!!!

Check out the video and DRINK UP!



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