Unsuspected Wealth

Driving around Music City with my paternal grandfather today, seeing all of the big, beautiful homes, and booming local economy, made me think of a book I have often heard about but never read, called The Millionaire Next Door. (I was tempted to call this post by the same name but opted to save the money that would have to go toward the copywriting lawsuit…so I opted for something more generic)

I have known some people in my lifetime thus far who truly were those unsuspecting millionaires and their lives looked nothing like anything I’ve observed here in Nashville!

So, I have compiled the beginnings of a list of attributes I have witnessed in those unsuspecting millionaires. I’m not condemning those who don’t fit the mold of this list (as I certainly don’t!), I’m only intrigued by those who are able to either fit the mold or create their own!


My list follows, but I also welcome and encourage you to submit others in the comments section! Here we go:

-Unsuspecting Millionaires (U.M.s) do not have the fanciest house on the block. In fact, it’s generally quite plain, but still well-maintained. Neither an eyesore our a showcase!

-U.M.s rarely drive new cars. They may drive a new car every ten years or so, but you can be assured that new car purchases are well-planned events and rarely (if ever) bought on credit!

-U.M.s can often be seen with coupons or sales ads. They know the price of everything and how to get the most bang for every buck! This isn’t out of a sense of scarcity, but out of a sense of duty to be good stewards of every penny…no matter how much the world thinks that penny is worth.

-U.M.s have clean homes, clean clothes, and clean bodies.

-U.M.s are so careful to be discrete in their money handling that even their own children rarely know they’re U.M.s!

-U.M.s don’t pay $5 for give cents worth of coffee.

-U.M.s are rarely bored! They tend to stay busy and productive, leading structured, simple, but very content lives.

-U.M.s are humble and thankful.

-U.M.s are forward thinkers! They would rather provide more comfort in the future and do without a little now.

-U.M.s do not view doing without now as a sacrifice, but rather part of the grand plan.

**This is just a jumping off point! Please add more to this list in the comments and we’ll continue to grow our list.

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