Oh, for the love of hotel hot water heating systems!

hotel showerFor me, there is nothing more indulgent about traveling than the endless supply of hot water in a hotel shower! With a family my size, it’s so awesome for this tired momma to shower last in order but still be able to take a long, hot, luxurious shower. Only at a hotel!

At home, hot showers are like a strategy game. “Ok, Morgan showered after his bike ride, and Kelsey just got home from track practice, so Charlotte, you’ll have to wait an hour before your bath…I know it’s already 7 o’clock and your bedtime is at 8:00, and your baths usually take at least 20 minutes; we’re just going to have to make it work!”

I’ve even done the super old-school thing where I’ve brought water to boil on the stove to add to a bath that didn’t get warm enough but I’m not willing to waste that water so, again…just make it work!

The flip side of that, of course, is that a poor shower can ruin a hotel for me! I’m not too picky about how fancy a hotel or motel is, I’m not picky about what sort of air temperature system will keep me cozy at night, but I’m very picky about having a clean bathroom with a good shower!

The point to all this (besides the fact that I put moderation of the earth’s water supply on hold when I travel): none. But I came out of the shower to a room full of sleepers and I feel like the queen of the world. All it took was a great shower and an end to the busyness of the day 🙂

Good night, all!

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