Am I the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to hear of RickRolling???

Rick Astley album cover

Click to remember this iconic YouTube video!

Well, folks, I found out today that I have–apparently–been living under a rock for the last decade or so. It’s a shame, too, because I actually thought I was hip enough to catch trends like the “Rick Roll.”

Definition according to the Marilyn Horton official dictionary:

RICK ROLL  verb 1) to trick someone into watching 1980’s pop sensation Rick Astley’s video to his awesome song,  “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Example: “Oh, man,  Marilyn sent me an email that told me to check out the newest cute British kid video on YouTube, but she Rick Rolled me! Now, I have that Rick Astley song stuck in my head!”

This is SOOO great…especially for a child of the 80’s who LOVED Rick Astley back in the day! I know I had at least 2 of his cassettes.

And, just so you know, I loved the song so much that I don’t even CARE how out of date the stunt is…I’m totally jumping on board the Rick Roll bandwagon, even if it is the caboose!

Rick Astley


Video of my EPIC FAIL on roller skates...that's gonna leave a mark!

Video of my EPIC FAIL on roller skates…that’s gonna leave a mark!

In other news, tonight my kids and I loaded up and went roller skating–which also, quite appropriately, fits with our 1980’s throw back theme of the day. Hmmmm, that was a fun accident. Roller skating was a blast and it brought back memories of a younger time when I wasn’t too scared I’d break my back if I tried the roller-skating limbo!

Just in case you’re wondering: yes, black lights and disco balls still hang in roller rinks. Some things will never change!

Ooops, 1987 called…they want their Ozone Layer back.

One thought on “Am I the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to hear of RickRolling???

  1. kerbey says:

    yes, you are the last person officially. i took my son rollerskating two years ago, wiped out during “I can’t drive 55,” and still haven’t healed yet. so don’t feel bad.

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