Greetings from the lap desk of Marilyn Horton…

Ooooo….so formal….
Marilyn S&L study

So, here’s the gig: I’ve been blogging for several years. Wait, that’s too generic. I’ve been blogging since February, 2009. I began with a personal blog, that became a Bible study blog, that then evolved into a new blog/website (which is STILL awesome, so you could totally go check it out if you wanna @, that has now come full circle and here we are, again, with a more personal twist at blogging my life.

I wanted to return to my blogging roots~if you will~and have an outlet beyond the RS2H ministry website to be able to chronicle my own walk through the world in a less formal sorta way.

So, whether anyone reads it or not…this one’s for me 🙂 But you’re welcome to join me for the journey!!!

Sincerely (good grief–there we go with the formality, again…),

Marilyn–YOUR Christian Life Encourager

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